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I never used workouts before and I do run regularly for 6-10 km depending on the weekday/weekend. My speed is stuck between 5:45-6:00 km/hr and I thought of using the TomTom workouts to improve my speed but the experience of using the predefined workouts is not same as I thought.

I tried 2 workouts for Running in Speed category 30min and 45min. I tried to follow the HR zone as indicated on the workout plan but to maintain the zone majority of the times I have to slowdown to walking pace to have the HR value with in defined zone. Also my running speed has reduced drastically to 9km/hr for both workouts.

As I have never followed workouts is my observations normal?
I am following a wrong workout instead use a different one or prepare a custom workout?



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    Maybe you mean min/km instead of km/hr?
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    Sorry I have provided the units incorrectly, the units for time is min/km.

    My running speed is stuck between 5:45-6:00 min/km and with workouts plan it decreased to 9 min/km
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    i have the same problem. can someone aswer this?
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    Hey - I'd recommend having a look at the details of the workouts before trying them out - some are more useful than others and you have to take them with a pinch of salt. I've done a fair amount of googling how to get faster, so I know what kind of useful speedwork/interval sessions other people suggest. (I really like this website: )

    Two of my favourite ones are the 50 min power one (6x1k intervals where you wait for your HR to drop to fat burn (I stand still for this) before running again) and the 45(***) min fitness one (3x (800m, 400m, 200m))

    Some people might disagree with this but I tend to ignore my HR during the exercises (unless its waiting for it to drop as recovery) - as long as I'm running at an easy pace in the warm up/cool down, and going fast during the work sections of the intervals. If your aim is to get faster, intervals are great as you run fast and then partially recover before going again. But you have to be pushing yourself to see improvement - I find that the HR goal they give me doesn't push my pace enough and doesn't correlate to my pace like Tomtom assume. So I tend to use the workouts as more of a distance measurement, as I don't have a track near me.

    Hope that helps.
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    Also - just to add that even though the average pace over the entire workout might be lower than you were usually running, the idea is that there should be points where the average pace was higher than your usually run (so you get used to faster paced running over shorter segments rather than just slogging at one consistent pace). You wont be setting any PB's during the workout, but they should be used as training to build up to being able to run overall at a faster pace.