Impossible to get maps on Start 25!

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Before I start, I need to point out that I am a very highly qualified IT professional who has solved many incredibly difficult technical problems in the past including the award for designing and managing the best higher education network in the country!!.....but getting maps onto a Tom Tom Start 25 must be the biggest challenge yet.

I have wasted hours trying to get the latest UK and Western Europe maps onto the satnav via a Windows 7 PC! Initially the update would apparently complete but the device would say that there had been an interruption to the server. After each failure I have reset the satnav. Later I was pleased to see the "Done!" message but on re-starting the satnav I get the "No Maps.." message.

I always clear the cache, reset the device and start again but no joy. I then tried clicking on the corrupted map message in My Drive Connect and chose luck. Next time I chose to install to the SD card. Content did go onto the SD card.....but no maps........tried uninstall and repair maps.

Also now the updated map file is not showing as available to download.

So....un-installed My Drive Connect, reset the device and tried again......still won't install working maps on the device or SD card.

This is a seriously poor method of data supply. Why not make maps downloadable to the PC and then allow users to move to the device or device's SD card if you can't get the automated service to work 100%?

Please advise how to proceed but do not point me at resetting the device or re-installing My Drive Connect or clearing the cache.......!?

My wife needed this satnav to work so I will have to lend her my reliable Garmin!

I am now thinking I will return the satnav to Tom Tom and ask them to install the maps on this device.

Any help welcomed



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    Having spoken to support, the satnav is on its way to Romania from the UK for service or replacement!!
  • vigman
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    Furious that we were told this unit was in warranty, bought July 2016, and has never worked now has a request for an £85 service charge!!

    Waiting for a reply from TomTom now

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    Hello Vigman,

    I had the same problem as you had. Mine is a Tomtom Via 135, 3 yrs old.
    I am an IT passionate too ... and I tried fixing the map many times, with different computers.

    Just before throwing my Gps from the window I was able to solve.

    This was the way i solved:
    a. In Myconnect > Settings > Downloads
    b. I checked the first two options "Download updates ..." and "Automatically update..."

    After that, my computer downloaded the maps and uploaded them to the gps and, finally, it went ok and i didn't get the "Interruption to the server" error.

    I do agree with you, myconnect is an awful software, and the number of times that it failed is tremendous on my side. I think I will never update my maps again, every time it takes me 1-2 days to fix the gps afterwards.
    I have been very loyal to tomtom in my life, but next i will switch to a competitor i think.
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