Wishes for new version.

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Wishes for new version.

1 Create a route
What I find very cumbersome is all the actions I need to do to turn my route into a hiker/biker.
First, I have to create the route bij car, then to convert it to Bike / Walk through many actions.
So I need to manage this via (Manage / Alternative Route / Change Route Type). I do not know why I can not choose this at the start of planning the route. Totally illogical!
My solution is to choose how I want to transport myself when you create a route on the car icon (just above the cloud icon). Idea?

2 Sounds
It is apparent that there are large differences in the volume of the various voices and the sounds.
Therefore, I recommend adjusting all sounds to one level (e.g., 0dB).
In addition, I personally wish that the volume level of warning sounds, AND driving instructions, is separately adjustable so that everyone can set a desired mix. I think the warning sounds are far to loud compared to the spoken instructions. Idea?

3 Sound Options
As explaned in 2, the sounds are not set as desired per event.
For me, exceeding speed limit is very important! Now the fixed sound is that I get 3X a loud TING - TING - TING while 1 subtle 'DONG' would be adequate. Warn me, not wake me!
The speed for a speed camera is almost the same as overspeed. Very confusing!
So it would be nice to add a little more choice to sounds.
If the user can add desired sounds (WAV / MP3 etc), then it would be fantastic! Idea?


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    So it would be nice to add a little more choice to sounds.
    If the user can add desired sounds (WAV / MP3 etc), then it would be fantastic!
    Or chose between preinstalled sounds ?
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    2&3 Yes! Me want too.
    Also want LOUD Voice on TRAFFIC SPOKEN WARNINGS when Spoken Navigation off.
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    When following a multi stop route all sections are the same colour which is very confusing, particularly if the route travels on, our crosses the same road more than once. It would be much clearer if the current section of a route was highlighted in a different colour (or shade) to the other sections.
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    You can already change the type of route initially planned in "Settings/Route Planning/Always plan this type of route" which provides the same list as in "Change route type".
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    Add route option for Campervan or Buscamper, it would be nice to be able, to take weight, height, lenght and width restrictions in to account when planning a route.
    There is a work-around: using the routeplanner on the tomtom-website and transfer it to your phone. But that makes it impossible to avoid traffic-jams on the go.