Direct access to saved activities via USB on OpenSuse Linux

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I want to replace old Garmin Forerunner 10 watch with amazing looking TomTom Runner 3. There is only one problem: all computers at my home are running OpenSuse Linux. Is there a way I can export saved activities from Runner 3 to TomTom Sports or Strava? With Garmin I was able to use it like an external drive with a simple USB cable connection - is this possible with TomTom watch?


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    There is a user created Linux version of the software you can try, but they only officially support Windows and Mac. You can try it and see if it works. I would caution you to do your homework carefully before choosing your next watch. TT is leaving the wearables market and is no longer selling new devices so I expect any future update and support will be limited with an eventual exit altogether.

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    Thank you for your answer and warning me about TT's future!

    I've read the page you linked, unfortunately this software packed for .deb based Linux distributions like Ubuntu and I'm using OpenSuse, which is .rpm based. I guess I could try to find some kind of hack to install this anyway.

    After further research I've found some other 3rd party software on github like ttwatch that seems to work for others, so there is that. I just wish we could use watch like usb pendrive and acces files w/o other applications.

    Anyway, thanks again!