Incomplete map download

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UK and Ireland map update.
Purchased the update today .
My PC shutdown at 25% d/load to PC.
Unable to resume download. I have disconnected and switched off , but no luck.
Help please.


  • dhn
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    Might there be an antivirus or firewall impeding proper transmission?

    Are you using a laptop or a regular PC? What are the power settings on the device?


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  • Triplex2
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    PC. Paused AV.
    Every time I connect to PC it says ' Your device is up to date'.
    Can't find any way to restart d/load.
    So probably lost £30.
    Surely it should have detected update not required.
    Win some lose some.!
    Will try and see what map version device has.
    Thanks for prompt response.
  • lampard
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    Hi Triplex2,

    Welcome to the Community!

    I can see that your Start 25 device already has the latest map of UK & ROI v995 installed on it. Also, the QuickGPSfix and mapshare update have been successfully downloaded was on your device yesterday.

    You can check the map version installed with the help of public FAQ here: Finding the software and map version on your navigation device

    Cheers, lampard