Hi All,

We've just released a new software update v17.3 and it's available for download in MyDrive Connect. This update applies to below devices:
GO 40, GO 400, GO 500/510, GO 5100, GO 520 Wi-Fi, GO 520, GO 520 Wi-Fi, GO 5200 Wi-Fi, GO 530, GO 60 / 61, GO 600, GO 6000, GO 610, GO 6100, GO 620 Wi-Fi, GO 6200 Wi-Fi, START 40, START 50, START 60, START 42, START 52, START 62, VIA 52, VIA 62, RIDER 40, RIDER 400, RIDER 400, RIDER 410, Trucker 500, Trucker 5000, Trucker 6000, GO PROFESSIONAL 520, GO PROFESSIONAL 620, GO PROFESSIONAL 6200, GO PROFESSIONAL 6250
  • MyDrive sync: Your device now also shows stops for synced tracks from MyDrive.
  • My Routes search: You can now more easily find a route by searching your stored routes by name.
  • Route preview: You can now play a route preview for routes that start from a different location than your current one.
  • Roundabout voice instruction: Following your feedback, we have changed the voice instructions for upcoming roundabouts.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements have been made.

Drive safe!:)

Cheers, lampard
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  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 537 [Revered Navigator]
    once again not a very good new features and just what has this update fixed as from what i have heard ALG still doesn't work...only been 4 years...once again not good enough Tomtom
  • Ovalball03Ovalball03 Posts: 289 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Apart from fixing the ridiculous spoken instructions at roundabouts,it is another missed opportunity to improve the many things this range lacks.Will tomtom ever learn?
  • xDagXxDagX Posts: 95 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Tick box to avoid Dangerous narrow single track country lanes
    Tick box to avoid unclassified road's

    Many people have been waiting over five year's for this option TT know full well it's what everybody want's but we a'int gonna get it
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 537 [Revered Navigator]
    My way of thinking is that Tomtom don't really care about customers as long as they have your money it's too late.
    these high end very expensive devices have been poor from day one...yes of course improvements have been made along the way but things still don't work
    terrible routing
    poor poi improvements despite the promises
    very little customisation possible
    awful map colours

    the list goes on and on but the one way they might listen is if we hit them in the pockets by not giving them anymore of our hard earned cash for poor products.
    I'm thinking that tomtom will end up going the same way as Nokia and deserve to.
    said it many times over the last 4 years....not good enough Tomtom :@:
  • bruceybrucey Posts: 165 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    I think Nokia is a very good comparison Covkid62.

    My patience is wearing thin and if there was a comparable traffic system from Garmin I’d have jumped ship already.

    Thankfully for me, PGPSW updated CamerAlert to iOS 11 so at least I can have a reliable and up to date camera warning system in car.

    Come on TomTom, make me eat my words and issue the mother of all software updates with some of the functionality we miss and keep asking for, from the previous devices.
  • smashysmashy Posts: 235 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    so where is avoid narrow country lanes?
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 537 [Revered Navigator]
    I have an iPhone and always thought of just using that as a sat nav but wanted a dedicated device but my god how disappointed I’ve been with these useless nav 4/5 devices Brucey

    Still don’t expect tomtom to reply to any of these criticisms coz obviously they don’t think these devices have any issues or they would have fixed them
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