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Just to add my comments to this subject ... the route planning process (GO5200) isn’t user-friendly at all. At the point of planning a route the device doesn’t present both of the ‘fastest’ and ‘shortest’ options and then allow you to choose. So, for example, if your route planning default is ‘fastest’ you may end up driving an additional 20 miles than the ‘shortest’ route in order to save only 5 mins driving time. Such is the case with one of the routes that I regularly plan.
The device is capable of calculating each of these easily enough, the problem is with the design of the user interface. Please would you sort this out TomTom?


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    After the device has planed the initial route (I use 'Fastest' as Default)
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) Icon --> Current Route --> Change Route Type... Select the required Route Type
    Tap the Blue (^) Icon screen top right to exit

    Note... you can move the Menu/Sub Menus Left or Right for a more convenient menu flow

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    I love the GO 5200, but I must admit that the choice of route process leaves a lot to be desired. As some have pointed on other threads, the fastest route can often be 20 miles longer to save just 5 minutes time. Being offered a choice between fastest and shortest from the outset would be far more user-friendly than having to resort to finding an alternative route, especially when the user might not know how much time or mileage difference the initial fastest route involves. I like the ability to change route, if and when I want to, and to see three different coloured route options that are easy to choose between is excellent too, so, even if TomTom were to offer both fastest & shortest from the get-go, I would not remove alternative route process or the way it works. Point is, it should be an occasional option, not something you have to select every time you want to go from A to B. Also, more times than not, it is simply not possible to find the shortest route. Sometimes I just want to take the scenic route and could not care less how much time it takes, and there are times when I know that the shortest route is the most scenic route. When going through the Cotswolds, for example. However, when going through the Cotswolds, there are so many villages and country lanes where you have to keep left or right that I need the TomTom to show me the way. But can the alternative route process on my GO 5200 show me the shortest way to go? No. I love my 5200, but please can you do something about this?