MyDrive App (iOS) doesn't remember Email and Password

Danwschell Registered Users Posts: 1
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Mydrive seems to no longer remember my email and password. Everytime I start mydrive, it prompts me for the email/pwd.

iPhone 6, iOS 11.0.2,
myDrive v1.12.1


  • lampard
    lampard Administrators Posts: 6,061
    Hi Danwschell,

    Welcome to the Community and sorry for my late response!

    Thanks for reporting this one! Please report it to customer support who can dig in more deeply than we can on the user forum. You can click on 'Contact us' option at the bottom of this page to Phone/Email them.

    Cheers, lampard
  • iphone99_un17
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    Same here, but not every time, once every two or three days....very annoying. Also every now and then, one or twice a month, the unit also drops the my drive details , but that one may have been fixed because it hasn't happened for a while.