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GO Mobile not recognizing my contacts

cf18writercf18writer Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
I decided to download GO Mobile on my iPhone since TomTom US-CANADA is no longer being updated. What I found it out is that it doesn't recognize many on my contacts even though I can see them all when trying to plan a route from My Places - Contacts. When I select a contact, it reads, "Address Not Found". Is this a glitch in the app or do I need something else? Any help would be appreciated.


  • RJantzRJantz Posts: 22 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    The above reference is a great source for more info on the issue of Contact...the only thing I would add is to NOT get encouraged that TomTom knows about this problem and is giving lip service to the problem...they do NOT care. Or maybe they care and just have idiots for programmers. Unsure, but what I am sure of is that we won't see a fix for this anytime soon! Sorry.
  • RJantzRJantz Posts: 22 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    So...this issue with the contacts has existed for more than 6 month...probably closer to a year. I have all but quit using TomTom, in part because of this Contacts issue. It's not just SLOW, but it also doesn't recognize all of your contacts. I decided to open GO Mobile again today...hoping that since the last time I'd used it....that "something" had gotten better....it HASN'T! TomTom just has their head up their "you-know-what". Or maybe they really just don't care. Absolutely inexcusable that they are not fixing their App. Guess I'll go back to using Apple Maps. Sad that I have invested so much money into TomTom, only to abandon it...because they have abandon us.
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