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I have a tomtom device with lifetime updates for Europe. When I use it it seems to works to warn for speed cameras.
When I login to my account I am offered one year subscription of speed cameras.

But what is the advantage of that ?
is the existing speed cameras not updated ?


  • Ekman
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    Hi there berocoder, and welcome to the Community!

    It is possible to see the campaigns and offers of buying for instance Speed Camera updates in MyDrive Connect even though you have an active or a lifetime subscription for speed cameras for your device.
    If you have lifetime speed camera updates on your device, then you do not need to buy any more, just update your device regularly to get the latest information. Depending on which device you have, though, it is possible that you have lifetime map updates for Europe, but not for the speed cameras. In this case you can still get speed camera warnings when you drive from the initial or previous subscription of speed cameras, but you will not receive any updates on changes that have taken place since the date of your installed cameras.
    You can see what subscriptions you have linked to your device if you scroll further down under My Content in MyDrive Connect.

    I hope this helps, but if you have any more questions feel free to post them here!

    All the best,
    / Jonatan
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    I bought the tomtom go5000 because it offered speedcamera warnings. Arrived in Germany last week and after 10 minutes of stupid speeds of 200kph and more in the country suddenly there was no warning and the sneaky germs flashed me 20m after the sudden reduction of speed from 250kph to 80kph on a motorway. Who is ripping us off the most? Tom tom or the germs?