Blue and me. What will fit?

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I have a bought a Fiat Doblo that has the Blue and Me Tomtom mounting adaptor with it. As yet I don't have a Tomtom that will fit onto this mounting. I don't want or need all of the features with blue and me but only want a satnav that will sit on and power up from this mounting.
Could anyone tell me what versions will work from this mounting?
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    Hi there Kerabo, and welcome to the Community!

    I'm not sure exactly how the Fiat mount looks or works, so I'd be wary to recommend anything without checking with them. If the mount is intended for a Blue & Me 2 (if it's the first Blue & Me then it will be even harder to find something equivalent), then it might have the same connector as a "GO Connect cable", which is used by some of our devices.
    For reference, you can see this cable on our webshop, which is compatible with the Blue & Me 2 and for instance the GO 1000/1005.
    To be clear, though, this is just for the connecting cable for the devices - it may be that the mount or integration works on something else/more, so it's always best to double-check first. Or, maybe some of our users here in the forum for Built-in navigation might have more insights!

    All the best,
    / Jonatan