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Getting used TT workout for heart beat

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I'm back with more curiosity what I can achieve with TTA. I find out workout very interesting since I always pacing myself with distance and time. Heart beat is a bit new to me. Yesterday I tried Workout/Fitness/35min with one star. I didn't know what to expect. Didn't felt any vibration also for me to slow or pace up. So I felt a little lost there but I kept running any way. Later into 4 to 5 section I aware that I need to run slower or faster to keep to the heart pace. It was difficult for me. Did I keep in the range? I dont know. When I sync with PC I checked and my workout result is all over the place. I think it good that it show what is the percentage that you are in the zone. For Perform Zone it was fine but fat burn and cardio I done terribly..ops. Any one who experience with this before, could you share it with me how to keep within the heart pace?

Thank you.


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    That's a tough one. To keep HR in the zone. But if you want the watch to let you know with vibration/sound then go to activity (say running) and before start push down for settings, then down choose Training and then down to get to Zones and down again to reach Heart and there you have it. Zones or you can create your own HR limit with the Create option. It will let you know when you go below or above the wanted HR.
    But as I said, it is hard to keep it there. Sometimes you'll feel like flying when the watch will say slow down and next time you'll be feel like you're running through mud and the watch will say push it. :-P
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    I know what you are saying. Haha. It will mess up all your training vibe for that section. I'll stick with pace for now. It's much easier to keep in pace. May be later figure out how this HR zone works.

    When you said by sound do you mean by head phone? Does it telling you to run faster or pacing slower? If yes, I think I want to get mine.

    I do prefer workout plan then just training as workout is more flexible. Said interval, I would like 5 interval then longer rest then another 5 more interval. For the interval workout it would be wonderful if I can set the pace also. Cause current my interval begin with fastest pace then going down and down for the rest. It would be good to see if I can keep up the pace for all the workout.
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    I've never tried this with headphones on, but that might be the case. Whenever I used it the alerts you get are like the ones with alarm - buzzer. For interval training there unfortunately is no such option, you can only set your intervals with time or distance component.
    Considering longer rest in between series of intervals I think you should for example set 10 intervals that you want to do and then when you do 5 of them press left to go to pause menu and then when you're done with your rest push right again to resume the remaining 5. Or you could just do 2 workouts, set you watch to 5 intervals then cooldown and finish; then just start another session.
    I wanted this to be more programmable but I guess TT sports watch users don't demand this enough to be implemented into the software.:8
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    Tried your suggestion, either I doing 5 or 10 it's nice that I know can have slightly more rest after set 5 without loosing the record. About the programming I guess I just have to focus one thing at a time although 2 would be just nice.
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