Battery specification not fulfilled

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My 1 month old Golfer 2 SE battery capacity is weak and discharged after around 7-8 hours. The specification is 10 hours means two rounds.
What can I do to improve the Situation?


  • Ekman
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    Hello again KKn,

    If you are experiencing that your Golfer 2's battery is drained too quickly after making sure that it's been updated and fully charged, then it's probably best to contact the TomTom support who can investigate any possible issues more thoroughly. You can find the contact options on this page:

    All the best,
    / Jonatan
  • KKn
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    Hi Jonatan, again,

    I returned the Golfer 2 to the Company fonq (seller). I soppose this Company will return the watch to TomTom for more detailed Analysis. Let's see what will happen.

    Thanks and best regards