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Mazda Nav. System: Device doesn't switch to night setting

Krzysz72Krzysz72 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Seeker]
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I bought a used 2014 Mazda CX-5 a couple of months back. No problems updating the system, but I can't get it to switch to night setting, even though I've selected night colours and "Automatic" is selected. Any thoughts on this would be welcome.


  • EkmanEkman Posts: 131
    Hi there Krzysz72, and welcome to the Community!

    The Automatic setting for night colours is based on local time approximation and might not correspond to when it actually gets dark. Do I understand you correctly that the map never changes the colour scheme?
    If so, what happens if you try to switch it manually?

    All the best,
    / Jonatan
  • Krzysz72Krzysz72 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks for the reply. That's correct - it never changes automatically to night colours. I can switch it manually, however.
  • DerwanDerwan Posts: 43 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    The built-in units switch to night mode when you turn the lights on. However, if your dash lights dimmer is set to maximum, night mode will not activate. With the ignition switch on (not just accessories), turn your lights on and then adjust the dimmer dial anti-clockwise.
  • Krzysz72Krzysz72 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi Derwan - Many thanks. That was the solution. I would never have found it myself.
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