heart rate on the tomtom touch

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I am wearing my tomtom touch 3 days now. I set the heart rate on "all day heart rate" on the sport app (version 8.0.3). However, i cannot find my resting heart rate back, neither on the sports app, or on the mysports website.


  • Ekman
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    Hi there vstorme,

    The resting heart rate should show up as a card in the app on the Latest page. On the Sports website you can find it by clicking Progress in the top menu, selecting Activity Tracking and then further down on the page click the heart icon where it says "Average resting".

    I hope this helps, but just let us know if you have any more questions or so!

    All the best,
    / Jonatan
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    Hi Johnathon

    I am having the same issue. I know where to look for the information but it stopped tracking my resting heart rate a while ago. I have tried switching the all day heart rate toggle on and off and have even tries re-setting the device to factory settings but it does not track it.