Spark 3 Music Playlist Synch

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I recently bought a Spark 3 (very pleased with it). The 4 albums / 80 songs I uploaded and successfully synched didn't play back in the correct order, so I renamed the tracks using the alphabet to try and force them to play in the correct order. But now, having removed the old playlist, I can't resynch the new renamed playlist. Tom Tom Sports is directed to the correct music folder. I'm using Windows 9 and an Android Phone (Google Pixel). Can anyone help?


  • Ekman
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    Hi there AndyWertheim, and welcome to the Community!

    Did you rename and reorganise the songs in a playlist with Windows Media Player or iTunes? Do I understand you correctly that the new playlist does not appear at all in TomTom Sports Connect, or does it and the actual syncing fails?

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    / Jonatan