Bluetooth and HFP on GO Mobile for Android

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The latest version of GO Mobile for Android 1.17 feature setting of audio output channel, but it appears that none of the channels are using HFP over Bluetooth. Is this intentionally or is it a bug? After all, the possibility to select HFP has been one of the most missed features in the app!


  • Ekman
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    Hi there Bobbj, and welcome to the Community!

    This feature has been requested and discussed in other topic here as well, and though it's not available at the moment I will forward your comments to the product team.

    All the best,
    / Jonatan
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    I would really like to have the possibility too! In fact this is crucial whether I'm going to buy the App.

    The hands free system of my car does not support the A2DP bluetooth profile. Even if it was supported, I wouldn't use it, becaues I prefer to listen to the radio/CD/mp3s in the car. But of course I still want to have the navigation commands via the main car speakers (an not some squeaky noies from the phone speakers).

    I don't understand the purpose of selecting a channel for the voice if all of them are redirected to the phone speaker (or A2DP if it is available). This doesn't make any sense, because it has always been possible to disable A2DP independently of HSP (mono bluetooth) in the Android bluetooth settings. This means that switching between A2DP and phone speakers has already been possible with the very first TomTom GO version. Was this implemented because of the volume? I don't see any use-case for this either.

    Please add the option to output navigation commands via HSP (mono bluetooth).

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    I have solved the problem with an additional android app that automatically switches the output mode, if some voice navigation instruction is being played:
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    Installed and it wont open so uninstalled