Car Locator

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This is a suggested feature for tom-tom devices (GO 620 In my case), and/or my drive app on the mobile connected to the navigator by bluetooth. The idea is to use one of the events that happened when you leave your parked car to save the GPS location on the my drive app. Later on, we will be able to find the car again. Such events could be:
* tom-tom device disconnected from car power (when the ignition key is removed), it send the GPS location to my drive app before going to sleep.
* pressing and hold the power button, in addition to "power off" and "sleep", add another button called "remember me"
* when mobile phone where my drive app is running,lost the bluetooth communication with the navigator, or any other bluetooth device tied to the car, such infotainment systems.
* by voice command to navigator, like "remember me"

The car location will be shown on the my drive app with an special and unique Icon. Also the "car locator" feature can be Enabled/Disabled by settings.