MyDrive Web (v2) Route planner "Reverse Route option"

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MyDrive Web (v2) Route planner "Reverse Route option"

Edit... Not really needed with the latest edition of the MDW Route planner
But still may be useful... especially options (1) & (2)

Old method....
Load route
Click on the pencil Icon for Route Edit Mode
(1)... Place the hand cursor on the route when a white dot appears... LEFT Click the mouse
(2)... Left Click on the 3Dot icon for a Quick menu to open
Click on Reverse Route option
2eb9a19d-24e9-459d-a157-76d86016f08b.jpgNote... If the reversed route is an A to B route where A is not your current location... then to guarantee that you drive to the New Start Point of the reversed route, you should use one of the following options....

Option (1)... With the reversed route loaded and calculated on the device
Try the options in the 'Current Route' or 'Current Track' menus....
Tap (.... Menu) --> Current Route or Track... Choose 'Drive to Starting Point' or 'Drive to Route or Track'

Option (2)... With the reversed route loaded and calculated on the device
On the navigating screen
Tap the Route Start Icon --> A Quick menu opens --> Tap the 3Dot Icon... Select 'Drive to Starting Point'

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