Spark 3 Cardio Bluetooth not pairing

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Hi all,
first of all thanks to all who will be helpful replying my question.
i recently bought a Spark 3 Cardio, as soon as i get home i installed the TomTom Sports app and successfully connect my devide to the smartphone (OnePlus5).
then i received an email saying i had to merge my tomtom account with the sports one and when i lgin there were no device registered on my account.
since that moment i am unable to connect through bluetooth my device to the smartphone.
i have already updated the firmware, resetted several time and still no lucky.
i have also tried to connect the device with the other smartphone i have but no way to do that.
already sent email, filled questionnaire and sent feedback through app but no answer from tomtom.
thanks in advance for your help


  • VikramK
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    Hi Lucacerio

    I have sent a heads up to the customer service, so I think your case should be picked up on a priority.

    Sorry for the delay..

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    I fixed the pairing issue with the most recent 1.7.x release (for ONLY a spark 3 cardio WITH music !) (which has headphones on bluetooth)

    Since this appeared to be a bluetooth PERSISTENCE issue in pairing, I figured if I paired the headphones in my Spark 3 cardio/music then it might help. and voila ! It paired when the headphones were paired. It will *not* sync unless the headphones are paired and ON as I then tried that with/without headphones. So, this is a bluetooth persistence problem. I also noticed that without headphones the device will go in/out of connection in the bluetooth menu.

    So now, I can sync if the headphones are ON, which is likely since sync usually occurs after an activity and the headphones are used. This is *NOT* going to work for a Spark 3 cardio without music though.
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    I have a Tom Tom Spark 3 Cardio + HRM watch which I started using in February 2018. I have faced a lot of issues with this and I even contacted Customer Support,
    1. The watch doesn't sync with the phone even if you open the app and wake up the watch
    2. Mostly, I end up syncing once a week or so because it takes me a hit and miss game of unpairing, pairing again and so on to actually sync
    3. On the desktop, the Sports Connect app won't open- click the icon/ uninstall and reinstall/ reboot--- whatever I do.
    4. Tech Support says update the watch---my question is how!!!!!
    5. Its not a port problem- because the watch charges fine on being plugged in to the laptop.
    6. There have been 3 occasions when the watch decided to not charge and die on me after being fully charged also nut strangely, each of those times it autocorrected.
    At this point, 4 months into using this watch--- I am a very unhappy customer.