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Today my friend is asking if my TTA could set up different course of interval throughout the training. For example for the first round of interval to be set running for 400m, second round for 800m and so on. From what I know I told her "no".

Tonight when I checking my TT Sports, I clicked the planning tab and then workout tab. I found out that the workout is not typical interval which you run the same set for the number of set you want. Could these workout transfer to the TTA so I can run then later? If yes, this could make me very happy. :D



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    It is possible now. You just have to sync it. I checked my TTA twice. All the workout show on the TT sports is duplicated into my TTA included the one I've just created. I am happy that I bought TomTom over others. Cheers TT Teams (TTT). Good jobs and well done. I love you guy.

    Not sure if the link posted above set TTT to go for the workout programme. Here is big thanks for bencrouch and gloo for bringing this up 2 years ago. If you read this, reply this.