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Hello All. I am a rookie at this forum but I need HELP. My TomTom stopped working yesterday. After a 5 mile run it just stopped working. Screen went blank and did not respond to anything. It had been on the charger all night so it was ready to go. I tried the DOWN button with a hard reset without any luck. Is it officially dead? I am in training with 6 weeks to go for my half marathon.....can't imagine not training with my watch. Any advice is welcome!!



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    Does it respond at all when you plug it into the computer? Does the Connect software open? If so, try a factory reset (you may have not held the down button long enough on the recovery reset you tried). To do a factory reset, make sure the Connect software is running and dock the device to your computer. The Connect window will open; press the gear at the top right and select factory reset from the next screen. Follow the steps provided and when prompted to register or sign in to MySports, select sign in and use your existing account credentials. It is fairly straightforward and should take less than 5 minutes.

    To do a recovery reset:
    1. Place your watch in the dock before you connect the dock to the computer.
    2. On your watch, move DOWN but keep the button pressed.*
    3. Connect the dock to the computer. Keep pressing the button until your watch shows
    4. Release the button and wait for MySports Connect to show Update.
    5. Click Update in MySports Connect.
    * If the USB port on your computer is not easily accessible, connect the dock to the computer without the watch. Then move down from the clock screen while you slide the watch into the dock.

    If that does not work you should call Customer Support. They are able to more deeply investigate and diagnose problems than we can here on the user forum. To get the number for Customer Support, go to, choose Contact, enter the product name and click Phone Us. It will give you the phone number for the country your account is registered under (this can be changed by clicking the flag icon in the bottom right corner of the screen).

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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