Start 25- shutting down and screen keeps changing

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Hi , Would be very grateful of any thoughts : My Start25 shuts down now randomly when plugged securely into TomTom connector ; green light is on. It also jumps from screen to screen; mostly not loosing the original route if I keep pressing the done button. I used to feel completely able to rely on it and now its anything but predictable . I have updated it a few times and on one occasion has to do the 'fit it' because it wouldnt pick up the signals but now its the shutting down that is the issue.
Any advice welcome ; thanks in advance


  • eddie12
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    I had a similar problem on mine a few months ago - replaced the charging cable, and it has been fine ever since.
  • Maptize
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    Mine is doing the same thing or even worse, it would jump to settings & change them whilst navigating. I would constantly need to clear it, I've also tried updating the software but it continues doing the same thing.