Using heart rate strap doesn't show HR on 24/7 heart rate tracking

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When using a Tomtom heart rate strap instead of my Adventurer's built-in HRM for cycling, which I prefer as HR is more accurate than using the built-in tracker for this activity, the 24/7 heart rate plot does not include the heart rate data. It only includes it when using the built-in HRM. Is it possible that the heart rate data could be shown on this plot when using a strap?


  • cheekychimp
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    I think Tom Tom only intended 24/7 monitoring with it's built in sensor and not the strap.
    24/7 monitoring by the built in sensor snapshots your HR every 10 minutes or so.
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    Cheekychimp is correct, for sports activities you can use the built-in HR or a strap, but for 24/7 activity tracking it uses the built-in sensor only (no one would wear a strap 24/7). They are two separate systems within the watch and you cannot mix and match them unfortunately. You will haev a blank when you are usign a strap as as far as the internal HR is turned off.