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Not able to connect with PC

i-zeroi-zero Posts: 56 [Master Explorer]
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I have trouble connection my TTA to the PC. I opened the software and it said "Connect your tomtom device to your computer.
Using Window 10 x64.

Any help is appreciated.


  • KillBillKillBill Posts: 11 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Try making sure that connector on the watch is firmly in place, with me that's the most common issue.

    I'm also on Win 10x64, and it usually works if I just make it a little tight.

    If not, check the USB port you are connecting to in your PC, try moving to USB2.0 if using 3.0.

    Hope that helps!
  • i-zeroi-zero Posts: 56 [Master Explorer]
    Negative. The connection is fine. Try both usb already. Dont think the cable is in default because my charging is ok. Is there 64 bit software that I should aware of?
  • i-zeroi-zero Posts: 56 [Master Explorer]
    At last connected TTA with my pc. For charging I dont have to push the connection that hard. Now that it has connect. I am happy. However it prompt me to update which I dont want to. But cant see my other option. How do I see other option without updating the version?
  • i-zeroi-zero Posts: 56 [Master Explorer]
    Just upgrade my firefox 39 to 56. Working fine now.
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