Incorrect speed limit displayed peninsular link Victoria Australia and can I correct it

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Hi I live in Melbourne Australia and my unit lists the speed limit as 80 KM/H on section of southbound on peninsular link. A year or more ago that was a road work limit but its been 100 KM/h for a long time now.
The north bound limit is correct.
This road is infested with time over distance speed cameras so its annoying to be warned your speeding when i am not.
This is just and annoyance and I read TomTom are very slow (months) to fix such errors.
My question is there a program that would allow me to edit the speed limit data on my device to correct this error ?

PS Sorry about the user name but I got sick of every legitimate name being reported as being already used :-)


Michael G


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    Hi Michael, with the newer models it's not possible to change this on the device itself. Best thing to do is still report it using the Map Share Reporter tool.
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