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I've come from a long history of watches and I'm really enjoying TT Adventurer but it could be immensely improved with simple changes.
I have used since 2011: Garmin Forerunner 110, Garmin Fenix 2, Suunto Ambit 3 Sport, Suunto Ambit 3 Peak and Garmin Fenix 3 HR. I changed because I wanted a smaller and lighter watch with barometer, and wrist HR. Fenix 3 HR was great but huge/heavy and I really didn't enjoy Garmin Connect.
I'm a trail runner with several dozens of ultras across Europe so I think I know a few tips that would improve the watch.

- Since this is watch that appeals more to trail runners you should offer some kind of way to track weekly elevation gain when you press left. Mostly no one cares about calories or steps...Also total kilometers are only useful for any advanced amateur if they are made on training. No one cares about km's made walking to the kitchen. You could save those metrics to the Runner/Spark series.

- Ideally the Goals should have an On/Off switch that didn't disabled sleep tracking. This doesn't make sense. I want to track sleep but I don't care about current goals available (Steps, Time, Calories and Distance).

- Fitness points are ok but the software should be able to put in perspective according to the athlete history. On any normal workout I achieve a score over 500 points. So what's considered improving (500 points) and over training (1500 points) should be adjusted accordingly.2431c2e2-bd9b-4539-802b-75c2acd7e531.jpg

I think the watch is a great cheap alternative for trail runners but almost no one knows about it. You should try to find some key athletes to use the watch and promote it.


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    When pressing left and we see sleep hours the weekly value should be an average and not a total...the reading of an average is easier to evaluate then a sum of X hours