Reminder to Move?

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Hi, I saw this mentioned on one of the other threads but didn't see the ability to reply anywhere, so thought I'd start a new topic (mods please move this if I'm in the wrong place!).

I just purchased a Spark3, which I'm really enjoying (it arrived last night and went running with me this morning, so far so good!). The only thing I'm missing so far versus my previous trackers are the reminders to move. Working at a desk all day, it's really easy to get tunnel vision and sit ALL DAY, so I appreciate the little vibration reminder on my FitBit. Will this be included in future updates? Or is it already a feature that I just haven't found yet?

Many thanks in advance!


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    There is currently no feature on the watch to remind you. No vibrations, No sounds. Future updates of the firmware might only be limited to correcting any current major flaws.