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why my fly mode just goes away in the last upgrade?


  • cheekychimp
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    Will speculate and say it was done to create a permanent Bluetooth connection to facilitate phone notifications and to assist with syncing. "Always on" is the buzzword for a lot of gadgets and perhaps it was part of their future plans who knows. Otherwise I'm unsure as to the reasons.
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    Hello everyone,

    I too need to know how to activate flight modus after the last update
    as I fly at least once a month over the weekend and need the watch for my sunday long runs.
    Any hint is highly appreciated. Thanks.
  • ebby
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    That's all very well, but turning the phone sync off still allows you to listen to music via bluetooth and track via the GPS. So not very airplane friendly.
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    You can turn the device of via the mysport connect software on a laptop. Go to the wheel icon and hold the shift button while hovering over this wheel icon and you will see the factory reset change to power off. I believe that when you plug the device to a power socket it will power on again.
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    GPS and bluetooth won't be activated if you don't ask for it (by pressing up (for headphones)/right (to start an outdoor activity)), provided you put the sync on manual or off. So yes, your watch can be friends with the airplane, even without the airplane mode.