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Hi reset golf watch and getting frustrated trying to load golf courses back to it.three attempts and still stopping just over half way over 2 hours each attempt.(even set up with as new user with different account still stopping).read a lot of reviews with similar problem but no real solution to fix. (This seem to be a thing with TomTom . Also had car sat nav that bricked after update.).
Seems to me money making racket as newer equipment is introduced.
So question is can this be sorted.?or is it beyond repair.(although I definitely think it is the TomTom software/update that is the problem.)thanks in advance to anyone who can help.but I will learn from mistake and not purchase/recommend TomTom product again ☹️


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    Hi Golf brick,

    Welcome to the Community & sorry for my late reply!

    Is the course update successfully installed on your watch? I would advise you to reinstall the courses on your watch, please make sure to use wired, unrestricted Internet connection before starting the update.

    In case the issue still persists then make a factory reset on your Golfer watch. See the FAQ here: Factory reset