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Changing the aerial for a Shark Fin

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I recently bought a Renault Megane Coupe 2011 Dymanique TomTom 1.5 dci in Black & decided to apply some mods to stamp my own individuality on the car. 1st was to change the aerial for a Shark Fin unit and then add some aero dynamics. On changing the aerial I noticed that to get the shark fin to fit (I had already tried 3 different fins without success too small?) I managed to find one a little bigger but, it still required cutting back the rubber surrounding the original aerial once the mast had been unscrewed. What I found underneath was quite amazing set of printed circuit boards plus electrical gumption? My question (eventually I got there) is what on earth is contained within the large rubber unit where the aerial mast screws in? Is it something to do with the SatNav? I was very careful not to disturbe anything however, since Fitting the Shark Fin (which incidently has its own board inside) I cannot get a decent reception for ‘SMOOTH’ but this only effects SMOOTH and the SatNav map view looks different like something’s are missing! Like sometimes when driving along the M67 near where I live the Road of the Motorway just cannot be seen?
Any help people ?


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    Try 'Smooth Ex' (Extra)... I can't get 'Smooth' in Worcestershire, But 'Smooth Ex' is fine

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