Bluetooth syncing between Spark 3 and iOS app now takes 10 minutes after recent TomTom 'updates'.

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Why has bluetooth syncing of my Spark 3 with the iOS app gone from taking about 30 seconds, to literally 10 minutes with the latest firmware (v1.6.26) and iOS app (TomTom Sports v8.0.3) versions of your software? No joke, tonight I went and toasted some bread, heated soup, and set my table for dinner, and syncing was still at only 17%. A minute later (at about the 10 minute mark) it zipped to completion. Absurd :-(


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    Is this a repeatable experience? You may just be having an unreliable data connection or unreliable Bluetooth connection at that point in time. I have had that happen to me before and it was due to my wifi router needing to be reset. In South Africa I also sometimes get a drop from 3G to 2G on the odd occasion and that leads to timeouts during syncing. I'm also on a boundary where I miss out on 4G LTE so syncing is slow for me.
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    After over a month of broken firmware and no Bluetooth syncing, I am now back - with v1.7.60 - to actually being able to sync via Bluetooth, except it is taking 10m again. No, it is not an interference issue. It can be replicated outside a km away from the nearest Wi-Fi, as well as at home. Likewise with multiple iOS devices.
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    Every time I open the iOS app, it asks me to connect my device, i.e., redo the pairing process. This never used to happen with my first gen TomTom running watch. :unamused: