Cannot download new speed camera subscription to GO600

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Just purchased 1.5yrs speed camera updates. Had confirmation emails but cannot see anywhere on 'MyDrive' to download it.
Under 'my orders' in 'account settings' it says 'pending' and now it reads 'in progress'.

Why does it take so long? I would have thought once you have made payment and had a confirmation the download would be instant

Still no change from 'in progress' status.

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  • marchend
    marchend Registered Users Posts: 141
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    Well after checking the satnav settings again it appears the speed camera subscription HAS been updated. It would have been nice if the software had let me know, I could have saved all this time faffing around on the web site, with the MyDrive software and on here. There wasn't an inkling that the download and installation had happened, nothing. Thanks allot TomTom.

    And the daft part is it still showed as 'pending' in my account orders.