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My Spark 3 says I slept 2.35 hours last night. I slept almost 7. Why is this? Thanks


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    All it is using to sense sleep is movement; it does not look at HR or other factors so it would have to make assumptions as to quality of sleep based strictly on movement, which I imagine varies widely by person. Some people sleep like rocks and never move and some people shift a lot. The quality of sleep is the same for them, they just sleep differently. I think many of the devices and apps out there are just making wild guesses as they do not have brainwave monitors on or anything. They are just making assumptions based on your movement as well but putting it into a nice looking interface with lots of graphs to make it seem like they know more. It would be nice if TT could somehow detect and quantify the movement on a chart like you can with HR to see when you are shifting around more. They could possibly factor HR in somehow to detect when there is no movement and a lowered heart rate.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    TomTom crew denies that theirs an issue but i have the same problem @Mstrlucky74. The Sleep hours feature got 10x worse with latest update.
    My Spark3 is currently useless and 1.6.26 is a alfa/beta software... Thats my opinion.
    Got 2-3 hours of sleep logged today, but honestly I sleept 7-8 hours.
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    Who will ever know..... we can always speculate wildly and I have my own theory. With a big firmware update like 1.6.26, maybe the device requires or is needing it's own downtime where it needs to run initialization and self cleaning routines... and it may just do that when you sleeping and thereby affecting it's ability to properly record the time spent "sleepng". Remember this is an "always on" device.

    Before you think this is too far fetched for a Friday... consider this... an Android smartphone since Kitkat v4.4 will on the odd occasion run a low level procedure to optimise the device storage/memory provided that it is plugged into a charger and idle for many hours unmoved which is typically what people do when sleeping at night.

    Anyways.. just my opinion..
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    I am using my Spark 3 since 2 Months together with the Fitbit Charge HR.

    The sleep tracking before the 1.6.26 firmware update was quite the same but after is totally off.

    I slept tonight more than 8 hours and the Spark calculated only 3 hours.

    Not good!
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    TomTom ..chime in. Any solutions in the works? Ty
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    I'm also testing the sleep functionality and is funny that for me is working fine in this version (much better that previous), however yesterday I put the watch charging for about 1h30 hours and it considered this as sleeping. It is so simple to check if the watch is under charge probably the person is not sleeping. As far as I understood the watch only uses the accelerometer to estimate the sleeping time, why not checking if someone is wearing it with het HR sensor? the same for the 24/7 HR monitoring. If someone is not wearing it stop monitoring every 10min...It so complicated?
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    Same issue here, after the update the sleep monitoring is completely off. Hopefully this issue won't be ignored by tomtom like they ignore the very known problem with the useless current pace function.
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    The same. I usually sleep 6-7 hours and the watch was pretty accurate. But since the last update (1.6.26) it says I slept 3 hours, every night. Something went wrong.
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    Why are people surprised?

    TT cannot get the basics right based on actual data i.e. getting the HRM to work properly, so how can we expect them the get this right?
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    Same problem here. Before 1.6.26 it would put some sleep hours on, but now it shaved almost all the sleep hours off :(