New update; WHERE has airplane mode gone?

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Am I insane, or has the ability to turn off bluetooth (thus saving on power) been removed? :?


  • WoldsWayWalker
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    Nope, from my experience the bluetooth is not disabled as it was before as I found out when my music player started up in the middle of the night when I accidentally pressed the up button. Airplane mode prevented this, Sync OFF doesn't, so be careful.

    In my view sync off functionality should be modified to inhibit bluetooth transmission under all circumstances.
  • Si Mo
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    Hi, i hope plane mode will be restored in next software update. I don't like to wear bluethoot radiation all day long.
    Thank you.
  • EVA_27
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    Putting the watch either on manual sync or sync off, bluetooth will only be activated when activating sync or (if you have a music-version) when activating the headphone connection (pressing up from the start screen). So don't worry, be happy : you are not wearing bluetooth radiation all day long anymore then you did before the update.