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Hello all. Well just received watch and there is no user manual or some sort of setup instruction. Am I missing something? I went through the prompts on the watch and entered all info[didn't connect via usb as I want to connect to my laptop which was at work]. Still think there should be a user manual.

I know this watch got pretty good reviews but doesn't the screen and very small? Thanks for any help.


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    Nothing comes with a printed user manual anymore, they are all online. Here is the link for TT's manuals:


    You need to connect to a computer to set it up initially, it can't be done through the app. Once you plug it in it will walk you through the process. Be aware you need to have administrator privileges on whatever computer you use and people often do not have it on work computers.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    Here is a link to help you get setup and get going (everything from A to Z is listed for your Spark 3)

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