Spark not syncing since Oreo update

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Since updating my nexus 6p bluetooth syn has stopped working, sometimes I can work around by disabling wifi and bluetooth, re-enabling it and restarting the app and pressing the down button on the watch to trigger a "manual sync" but it never sync in the background and always requires this procedure, sometimes this does not work at all.

I have tried re-pairing my phone with my watch but no joy.

Is Tomtom working on a patch or fix for this ?

It used to work wonders and sync continuously through the day with no issues whatsoever, now oreo comes along and its a total fail.


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    I have olso Oreo on Nexus and my watch alse is no paring :( This is no Oreo problem (on Galaxy S8 I have pairing problem too). Some users have pairing or connection problems.
    The bast solution for You is sending log files from Sports App:

    In the Sports app go to Manage -> settings > Feedback > Report a Problem ( make sure include app usage is checked)

    Cheers, Maciek