New software v1.6.26 available for download

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Hi all,

We've just released a new software v1.6.26 for the TomTom Spark, Spark 3, Runner 2, Runner 3 and Adventurer watches and it's available for download in the TomTom Sports Connect.

[h2]What's new?[/h2]
[h3]Fitness Age[/h3]
TomTom Fitness Age is an indication of how well your body functions physically, relative to how well it should work, based on things like your heart rate during activities, maximum and resting heart rates, activity, gender, age, height and weight.
The more effective activity you do, the better your Fitness Age becomes. Start working on your Fitness Age by earning Fitness Points. You earn Fitness Points when you record your activity on a TomTom Sports watch with heart rate monitoring.
Click here to learn more about Fitness Age.
[h3]Music improvements[/h3]
Your watch now remembers where you stopped in a music track or audiobook when you disconnect your headphones. You can also skip within a music track in 10 second increments by long pressing left and right on your watch.
[h3]Automatic pausing during activities[/h3]
You can now set your watch to automatically pause and resume an activity based on movement. This is controlled by a new per activity setting. To learn more, go to Pausing and stopping an activity.
This is controlled by a setting accessed as follows:
1. From the Clock screen, press right.
2. Select one of the activities, then press right.
Tip: Auto pause can be used when running, cycling, trail running, hiking, freestyle, skiing and snowboarding.
3. When you see Please wait or Get going, press down.
4. Select PAUSE.
5. Select ON or OFF.
• Control of syncing and alerts
New settings give you more control on when and how your watch syncs with your mobile device. You can also control whether you want to receive phone notifications on your watch or not.
From the Clock screen on your watch, press down to open the SETTINGS screen, then select PHONE and press right. Select MANAGE and then SYNCING. Choose from the following options:
o ON - Assuming your watch and mobile device are paired, automatic syncing of your activities to your Sports account happens when you open the Sports app. Syncing also occurs in the back-ground when the app is closed
o OFF - This setting saves your battery without you having to unpair your watch. No syncing can occur, either manual or automatic, and you receive no alerts.
o MANUAL - When set to MANUAL, you need to press a button on your watch to wake up your watch. Syncing then occurs when the Sports app is opened. This option also allows you to control battery use. You receive no alerts.

[h2]Coming soon:[/h2]
To workout more effectively, you can now select one of 50 personalised workouts that are downloaded automatically to the watch after connecting it to TomTom Sports website or app. There are workouts for both running and cycling activity types and they come in 5 categories: Fitness, Fat Burn, Endurance, Speed and Power.

Happy sporting! :D

Cheers, Mikko


  • i-zero
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    Helo Mikko,

    I am aspecting my Adventurer in a week. Do you suggest I should immediately update the software for better experience?

  • tfarabaugh
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    It is a staged rollout, being released in increments to allow them to monitor issues. They released to 5% two weeks ago and more last week and will continue this week and the week after if there are no major problems. Last I heard they are looking at the end of the month for full rollout. There is nothing you can do to make it come faster, we just have to wait our turn. When it is offered you should accept the update.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    Oh my god-- auto-resume for audio books at long last!

    Audiobooks are the only reason I bought the Spark Music version, and I was so disappointed to find out that this feature didn't exist. But now the wait is over! Thank you!