Extract gpx file from final video (my story)

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Is it possible to extract the gpx file from the final production video?

Here is my problem: I record video routes on my bike that can be 1-2 hours long. Often I'll have to stop somewhere which creates portions of the video I want to edit out. During the recording the camera splits the video into multiple part which I later stitch together in the studio (editing the unwanted parts out). Then the video file is all good, but the gpx file matching the video is integrated in the video file I think. Is it possible to extract the gpx from either the Studio or from the video file somehow?


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    To extract the GPX file from the original video file, select the file (in the Videos section of Bandit Studio), right-mouse-click, then select Export GPS Data from the drop-down menu.

    Of course, as you edit your video, the source GPS data doesn't get edited as well. As an extract, you only get a GPX file that matches the original 4GB (or smaller) video file.

    I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve. I'm guessing that you either want to use the GPS data outside the video or use third-party software to add an overlay to your video, and want a single GPS 'track' that matches your edited video. If you're applying overlays in third-party software and are only using real-time metrics (speed, elevation, etc), just add your overlay to the original video files before editing. If this doesn't suit, you may need to edit the GPX data yourself. I use GPS Track Editor - it's free. You can use it to merge GPX files and delete data points.