Minimum pool length setting on Multisport and others?

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Can anyone tell me what the MINIMUM pool length setting is that you can enter in the Multisport fitness watch? I'd like to buy one for my wife as she swims every day in our pool at home. However, the pool is only 10 meters long so I wonder if it would count her lengths accurately. I note the TomTom Spark would be no use as it has a minimum pool length of 15 metres, so am wondering if the Multisport is the same.

Also, if the closest setting she could set it to was say 20 meters, and she does 20 lengths in our 10 meter pool, would it show that she's swum 10 lengths? In other words, does this watch (and the cheaper Spark models) simply divide the distance swam by your "entered" pool length in order to calculate number of lengths swam, OR, does it detect every time you change direction, and record each direction change as 1 length?



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    I believe it is 25m. It will not work for you as it counts lengths by detecting the turn at the end of every length, not distance divided by pool length. It is calculating distance by counting the number of lengths, not using GPS.

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