TomTom Adventurer - How to Play Music and Display Run/Race Info Simultaneously?

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I was doing an obstacle race this last weekend and I was trying to play music from the TomTom Adventurer watch while setting up the watch to measure my stats during the race. The music stopped when I switched the watch over to "Trail Run" mode. I could not get the watch to start the music without resetting back into music mode. Obviously, I was frustrated and was not able to listen to the music during the race (I preferred to have the statistics and heart rate).

Does anyone know how to set up the watch to play the music playlist and then put the watch into a monitoring mode to get the stats? If this does not work, I am returning the device as unacceptable. I will just buy a Garmin that does everything I want except play music.


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    Playing music during an activity is not normally an issue. Did you try pressing play again once you started the activity (press up until you get to the music controls)?