TomTom GO 6100 not charging

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TomTom GO 6100 doesn't charge when mounted in the cradle and runs out of power quickly. I am very disappointed with this product, because of its failure to charge when in use. What do you suggest?


  • Niall
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    Are you using a USB port in your vehicle?
    As the USB ports in your vehicle provides only 0.5Amps whereas your device should have 1.2Amps to run AND charge the battery. With a vehicle USB port the reduced power means that the device tries to save it's power requirements by dimming the screen, reducing power to the SIM thus dropping traffic info, and, as you have found out, it then powers off rather than going to sleep.
    Try plugging the original cable into the original cigarette lighter charger, does it then keep shutting down?
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    I use cigarette lighter power input to plug the TomTom USB power charger. Same problem, battery does not hold charge, I would take off Cradle and recharge the unit inside my house overnight. In December I purchased a new replacement battery on-line and had it installed by a technician. It worked well for 4 weeks. When I switch car off, I also select 'Turn Off' on the screen of the GO 6100 to prevent battery running down in car overnight. this morning I placed device on cradle but screen blank, no menu, no maps .. nothing! thinking battery run down I recharged indoors using the cable that comes with the device. But 9 hours later, while the screen has pale blue backlight, there is no graphics on the screen. I connected device to My TomTom App Account - hoping to download all my maps and graphics to device but this option on available on the APP? Does the device need a 'Factory Reset' to Restore all my Maps/graphics, etc back on to the GPS Unit? If so, how is this done? Has anyone else had the maps/graphics data disappear off their TomTom GPS device?
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    It is not good that your screen is blue is without a menu to Factory reset the device.

    moreover, it is not possible for you to reinstall the software of the device.
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    Hi @merlinofstone

    Does the GO unit work/charge up if you plug the cable directly into the socket on the back of the unit. If it does then this will indicate the problem is the Cradle. Try cleaning the cradle contacts and those on the back of the unit. If it still won't charge when on the cradle but does when you plug the cable in the back after cleaning the Cradles contacts then I suggest a new cradle.