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I updated my Runner 3 to 1.6.26. When I push the left button now, it shows a line and underneath that it says "Get going". It disappears after a while. What is this function for? When I push down after pushing the left button, it gives the normal daily steps, daily calories etc as usual after the "Get going" screen.


  • cheekychimp
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    On Cardio models
    This is the "new Fitness Points" screen. It says "Get going" to remind you that you have not done any activity for that day (one that would qualify you for getting points). If you have just done an activity (one that qualifies you to get points) then the circle will be bigger and the fitness points you got will be displayed in that circle with an animation. You might see some motivational words like "Improving" or "Overdrive" - which is what I have seen thus far. Btw: Fitness points is a displayed metric and is available on a HR based activity and you can see the fitness points adding up whilst you exercising.

    On Non Cardio models
    This Fitness Points screen is simply not available by design it would appear. Fitness points as a displayed metric is also not available during a HR based activity. This is also the case even if you use an external HRM strap.... No Fitness points = No V02max estimate??? What a pity....