Go 520 bluetooth connection question before purchase

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I have a question about the functionality of the new Go 520. My Go 1005 has just died as it was dropped from quite a height. I am looking at buying a Go520 but am unclear how the bluetooth connections work.

With the old device the traffic was updated through a built-in SIM, leaving me free to pair my phone to the car radio so that I could play music from my phone on long journeys. This connection also worked for hands-free calling.

But it seems that with the Go 520, I will need to pair the phone to the sat nav so that live traffic will work. Does this stop me being able to play music from my phone to the car stereo? This would be a deal breaker for me, so should I shell out more for the Go 5200 with in-built SIM?

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  • VikramK
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    Hi Jez001

    Welcome to the community and sorry for the late reply..

    The GO 520 device uses data from the phone to connect to TomTom Services. To get real-time traffic updates Bluetooth tethering should always be ON on the phone.

    I am not sure if this will have an impact on the audio out connection to the car, perhaps our users on the community could help you here.

    GO 5200 like you said comes with a built-in SIM, so the device will connect to TomTom Services over the air.

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    I have a GO 520 + a Nokia 625 Win10 Phone
    I receive Live Traffic and Phone Calls on the device.....
    (NO Win10 Tomtom App :? So NO Smart Messaging)
    Bluetooth music to Car Radio, in my case, is Music Stored on Phone and Spotify via a Bluetooth Adapter/Receiver plugged into the cars AUX jack

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    Smart messaging does not affect it either. Car audio is a different Bluetooth type and will continue just fine (in other words, yes, you still can pair car audio with the phone),