brightness is dangerously high GO 6100

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Problem on my 6100. Even at 0% setting for night illumination the brightness is dangerously high and reduces night vision unacceptably.

I have just tried using window tint film (50% light reduction) on my 6100 (£5.99 for 1 metre!).

It worked perfectly; easy to apply, didn't impact on touchscreen use and far cheaper than the photographic/lighting ND filters. Probably still too bright to be ideal, but much improved (I would use the 70% reducing film if I was to do this again).

Tip - check to touch screen compatibility by laying the film over the satnav before permanently applying. Mine worked fine, but other films may not be compatible.

Seriously TomTom - you look on the web and this is a significant problem. Fix this with an update rather than people sticking filters on screens.


  • YamFazMan
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    Is your device setup for auto switching between the Night a Daytime screens ???
    My night settings are at 20% and the night screen brightness is fine.....

    891d3e01-fe42-4c4b-89b9-1a1cdea77626.jpgThere's an anomaly in the Day/Night screen switching.....
    Maybe a possible answer.....

  • Baldboy
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    It switches automatically - TBH the difference between day and night is really obvious!

    I have day brightness @ 70% and night @ 0% with automatic switch using the purple scheme (which seems to be the darkest IMO).

    The brightness is made worse by the large screen which simply emits too much light at night. It is so bad I have taken to putting a cloth over it at night and just using voice guidance. Hopefully the window tint film will be the permanent solution