How to get your map you just purchased?

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Hey all! I just purchased a map for my TomTom XL. At the end of my purchase I got a pop up about sending me a confirmation e-mail. I thought I had to confirm to get my download map. Not so and my devise is not downloading. How do you get the map that you purchased?


  • dhn
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    If you connect to Home-->Update my Device, is the map not offered?

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    When asked for your model, do NOT answer. A live agent should come on the line and you can ask about your map purchase.
  • lampard
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    Hi TraceyP,

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    I can see that your recent purchase of USA map v9.55 has been assigned to your account and you can download it by using the TomTom HOME application. Please see the public FAQ here to do so: Installing a map using TomTom HOME

    Hope it helps!