Built in Car SAT NAV- TomTom Traffic and Speed cameras

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Ok so I have a tomtom 6200 :) and I buy a new car, aparently it has XXXX maps but uses tomtom for live services via a mobile phones data connection. First time Ive had a car with a SAT NAV built in, now Im wondering why some other makers maps but tomtom live :) camaras too ) so Im wondering if I can buy a map for the car, im very sure the cars own maps wont be updated 4 times a year.

Today I went for a 150 mile drive, had the tomtom 6200 programmed and the cars own SAT NAV running, then I hit a traffic build up, aparently an accident on the M5 probably just happend as neither units offerd to take me another way.

So just wondering if the cars (tomtom live) is as good as the 6200 live and then im wondering if the map can be replaced with a tomtom map ?

Then I go looking for map updates, my model not listed as available online only from dealer and probably not every year?

hyundai i10 SE Premium

Think I might have to keep using the 6200 else


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    Hi John,

    The car manufacturers have nowadays quite some choices for navigation solutions for their cars. They may also choose to get different parts of the system from different providers to build their system. Support for such systems is provided by the car manufacturer.

    Since your question is about map availability for your device I moved your topic to the Built-in board where other users with the same device might be able to help you further.

    Cheers, Mikko