Does TomTom offer any battery replacement service?

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I'm really convinced of the capabilities of the TomTom Adventurer but the ONLY thing that is keeping me from buying it instantly is the question of battery replacement service.
Does something like that exist with TomTom, will I be able to exchange the battery with some effort or do I have to throw away the device after two, max three years of intensive use?
During my research I discovered, that this question has been raised a few years ago with another multisport...

So, are you delivering a high quality product or do we have to stick with the end-of-life-throw-away mentality of e.g. chinese products but at a much higher retail price?


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    There is no battery replacement service and no way to replace the battery yourself. It should last a lot more than 2 or 3 years though. Even my Runner from over 4 years ago still has plenty of battery capacity. The batteries they use these days do not have the drainage issue of batteries in the past. If this is a major concern for you I would go with another device that offers this.

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