Best Method for Ejecting/Removing your watch from the Dock Cable?

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Tom Tom does not seem to advise of any particular method to remove the watch from the docking cable.

I have not had any longevity issues but the dock cable is not a cheap item to replace and the two pointy ends or prongs will need to last for sometime. This is even more so for those of you who struggle to pair your watch to your phone; as this will have you using your dock cable more often to transfer your activities direct to MySports Connect with less fuss. Also with the just released phone notifications you may need to charge your phone more often using your dock cable if you the type that insists on being connected.

I personally found it difficult to remove the watch from the docking cable a year ago; but have settled on my own "method" to eject the watch with what I believe to be with minimum effort and with the least amount of wear and tear.

My Method:
Use both thumbs positioned on the bottom edges of the watch button and push using your thumbs northwards with a quick short movement. My index and third fingers of both hands support the dock cradle from underneath.

What "method" are you using (consider effort and wear and tear) :?

Share your thoughts please....


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    From the manual - "To remove your watch from the desk dock, push underneath the screen of the watch. The watch will slide out, following the curve of the back of the watch. Do not lift the watch from the top as this can damage the desk dock."