TomTom Spark 3: brachycardia & calorie consumption

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Hi, I would like to know if calorie consumption calculation is somehow affected by brachycardia. I mean: my heart usually does 43 beats per minute. Is my calorie consumption at rest different from the one of a person who has 70 beats at rest? Thanks


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    Not necessarily as your HR is not actually a true indicator of calories burned. Calories are a measure of heat or energy being used by the muscles. In theory if your body is pumping more blood to the muscles then they are using more energy, but this is actually only true in a limited range of sub-optimal aerobic activities. The watch actually uses your BMR to determine calories burned during the day, not your HR, so your low heartbeat is not going to factor into it. You can Google brachycardia and weight loss or calories burned and there are a number of articles, most of which indicate that it is not a factor in weight loss or caloric expenditure.

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    Thank you very much. I think it can be the right solution.
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